Yammer App for SharePoint: App part doesn’t render and gives an iFrame error in Internet Explorer

Because the Service Manager component in Office programs automatically adds SharePoint tenant domains to Trusted Sites security zone in Internet Explorer whenever you open a document from a SharePoint site, you get an IFrame error. The login endpoint isn’t added to Trusted Sites. The user authentication to SharePoint still succeeds, but the iFrame itself isn’t rendered as it’s blocked by click jacking protection.

Workaround    Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list and restart the session.

If adding these sites doesn’t solve the problem, please turn on Protected Mode for Trusted sites.

Yammer App for SharePoint: Blank dialog box pops-up on login when using Internet Explorer

Having *.yammer.com and *.sharepoint.com (like your SharePoint domain) in the Intranet Zone setting in Internet Explorer prevents you from logging into the Yammer from the Yammer App for SharePoint. You’ll see a blank dialog box after logging into Yammer from the app.

Workaround    Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list and restart the session.


Access Services in SharePoint Server 2013 No application info from content database

Alert Name: Access Services: WFE to ADS communication failure

Summary: Access Data Services WFE (Web Front End) is unable to communicate with the ADS (Access Data Services) middle tier.


One or more of the following might be the cause:

  • Network issues

  • Hardware failure

  • SharePoint service failure

  • Disabled Access Database Services on the server


  1. Ensure that network is healthy.

  2. Ensure that ADS server is available.

  3. Ensure that ADS server can be accessed from WFE.

  4. Ensure IIS Process for ADS application pool is running.

  5. Ensure that the ADS service is enabled on the failing ADS server.